Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nyte's Intro to Cosplay

Nyte's Intro to Cosplay

This was a nice post on the Gaia Forums. An extensive and well thought out cosplay guide, I liked it so much I wanted to link to it :) It has some amazing links, and I will likely be referring to it for many future cosplays, myself.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Versailles Cosplay Genius

Right now, I am consumed by the band Versailles. I've seen them just about everywhere, and quite honestly, I did NOT expect them to be half as good as they are. Oh yeah, and the lead singer (Kamijo) is a freaking dream-boat.

Told you.

Anyway, I ADORE the way they dress. Outfit-wise, I am really loving Jasmine and Hizaki's Beautiful array of elaborate dresses. Needless to say, these dresses are going to be my cosplay holy-grail if you will. One day, I will be skilled enough to fashion one of those outfits. In the meantime, I'm loving some of the cosplays I've been seeing of these guys on deviantart!

Hizaki by Pinkberry-parfait

Jasmine Yuu by Joshou

Jasmine by paradizekizz

More pics by paradizekizz - Jasmine 1, Jasmine 2, Jasmine 3 

Brilliant. I love this stuff :)