Friday, November 6, 2009

Versailles Cosplay Genius

Right now, I am consumed by the band Versailles. I've seen them just about everywhere, and quite honestly, I did NOT expect them to be half as good as they are. Oh yeah, and the lead singer (Kamijo) is a freaking dream-boat.

Told you.

Anyway, I ADORE the way they dress. Outfit-wise, I am really loving Jasmine and Hizaki's Beautiful array of elaborate dresses. Needless to say, these dresses are going to be my cosplay holy-grail if you will. One day, I will be skilled enough to fashion one of those outfits. In the meantime, I'm loving some of the cosplays I've been seeing of these guys on deviantart!

Hizaki by Pinkberry-parfait

Jasmine Yuu by Joshou

Jasmine by paradizekizz

More pics by paradizekizz - Jasmine 1, Jasmine 2, Jasmine 3 

Brilliant. I love this stuff :)

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  1. Such extravagant design and dressmaking skills! The wow factor of Visual Kei is their way of dressing up and their makeup. The challenging thing about the fashion is the way the hair is styled It takes a lot of time to get it right, especially if your hair can't manage to reach that level. That is why it is feasible to go for synthetic wigs and get it styled to your liking.

    In comparison to using real hair and wearing a wig, in my opinion, it is better to go for wigs when you're going to wear the costume a lot of times.