Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Easy and Cheap Tutorial #2

Since I love love LOVE budget cosplay, I've decided to post another tutorial from on of my cheaper cosplay costumes that I'm working on right now for my husband. As I said in my earlier post, How to Cosplay on a Budget, the easiest way to save money is to pick a character with a simple costume. Someone recognizable, but not hard to make and that involves few materials.

I now introduce....Greed.

Greed is verrrry budget friendly. His entire costume only costists of about 6 elements : Glasses, Vest, Undershirt, Bracelets, Pants, and Shoes.
Since Sunglasses, Shoes, and Pants are pretty self explanatory, this tutorial will be for his vest.

Greed Vest Tutorial

What you'll need:

Black Vest
A Large Bunny
Hot Glue
Straight Pins

Step 1: Pick out that vest

Find yourself a nice, smooth vest. Preferably made of some thick material, like faux leather.

Step 2: Remember that Bunny from earlier?

I was lucky enough to find a bunny that was perfect enough to do double duty as bunny ears and Greed vest fur. This is just another way to get the most out of your cosplay budget. As my good friend Alton Brown says, everyone loves a multi-tasker.

Step 3: Attack your bunny

Show that little guy no mercy. For my greed vest, I decided to use part of his tail and part of his body. The tail on my particular bunny was long, and the body's fur was slightly shorter. *Tip: Save the stuffing for later, you never know when you could need it for some other cosplay, or even a plushie!* Be sure to cut the fur into wide strips - remember, this is going to be a collar. By the way, get ready for some serious vaccuum cleaner duty after this is all over...

Step 4: Pin the Collar in Place

You'll need two long strips of fur, and the tail should be cut into two pieces (if you used a tail). Pin the shorter fur strips around the collar. Place the tail pieces that have the longer fur on either side in the front. Pinning the fur to the collar makes it much easier to glue the pieces in place, which you will do in step 5.

Step 5: Hot glue that sucker.

Yep. Do just that. And don't burn yourself.

Hey look! It's a Greed Vest! Give yourself a pat on the back. Now clean up that HUGE mess you just made and hit the thrift stores and dollar stores for all the other pieces. When you're done, you've got a costume that probably didn't cost much more than 15 bucks. Who says cosplay can't be cheap?

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