Monday, January 4, 2010

Imagicon 2010...

Imagicon 2010 is fast approaching, and I have finally narrowed down mine and Sasuke's costume choices! Please share this joyous moment with us ^_^ :

Photoshoots before the con:

Steampunk style White Rabbit. This costume will mostly be a hybrid of these three pictures I found for inspiration on Dev.Art. Will be a bit more steampunkish than the pictures shown, but this is the general idea of the outfit.

Some friends and I are planning possibly to help advertise for Imagicon in Alice costumes (Hatter, Alice, and White Rabbit) at the Tim Burton movie premier. We also plan a "tea party" photoshoot, which will be total fun.

Day 1 at the con - Friday

Sasuke and I are going to be clad in Street Fighter gear! Sasuke will ressurect his Ryu costume from last year, which was a big hit. However, we only managed to get a few pictures of it, so this time around we will photoshoot some more. Here's one of the pics from last year :

I will be wearing classic CHUN LI. Yes, I am definitely going to be working out my legs. LOL

For the Night it is very possible that I will change costumes, but this isn't set in stone. If I change into anything, it will most likely be a fullmetal character, either Sloth or Lyra / Dante, fully depending on how long my hair is at that point in the game, since I'd rather this be a wig-less outfit for comfort and money-saving's sake.


Sasuke will most likely don a Greed outfit, if he so chooses :)

Day 2 : Saturday

Saturday will be the busiest day, so I'm wanting to do our most complex costumes that day, for sure. This will be the day of the "Female Sephiroth" I have no concept art for this, since it's all in my head. But the idea came from this doujinshi art I found:

I will either be ridiculed or praised for this costume, and I personally hope it's the latter - for I plan on working my butt off for this thing. The dress will feature high slits like in the picture, with a black corset / waist cincher. A short black jacket will be tucked into the corset, sort of making the jacket and the dress look like one article of clothing instead of two. Rather than being topless underneath and showing everyone and their mom my breasts, I'll probably wear some fancy type of top. I'm going to wear Dissidia style shoulder armor, bracelet and belt. I also plan on having Dissidia style purple and yellow fabric peeking out from under the dress. I'll wear high heeled Thigh boots, and a typical Sephiroth wig, in the style of Advent Children. Oh yes, and a LARGE kingdom hearts style wing. I sort of mean for this to combine different Sephiroths from different games, I guess, chick form. I really hope I can pull this off.

Sasuke will be wearing a Zack costume :)

At night, there has been talk of a Tri-Wizard ball, so I'll definitely be bringing Bellatrix back out for the costume contest! I wish I could talk Sasuke into doing Lord Voldemort...but I think that's an amount of makeup that will get an instant "NO FREAKING WAY" :p

Day 3: Sunday

Since Sunday will be super dead, we're just going to pull out the good-old Bleach costumes for a photo-shoot with some friends. We're calling out bleach friends from all over, even those who were unable to attend the actual con itself. I figure we can all hang out in the streets of the city taking crazy photos without everyone having to pay to get into the con. I'm tired of always being Rukia, so this time I'm going to be dressed as Soi Fon, who I haven't been before.

For Sasuke, I plan up updating his Chad costume by making him this new arm to replace the old one:

(impossible picture to find)

Anywho, these are our final choices for cosplay, so I'm super excited to get started on these. Pictures and tutorials will be flooding the blog soon :)



  1. each of those sound epic, but my favorite choice you've made is lust or dante. Personally, i'd like to see Lust, but that's just me. FMA is my favorite anime, so of course it takes the cake on the best costume. that being said, i'm quite curious as to what you'd do for sasuke's Greed costume as well, because Greed was a bad-ass.

    the white rabbit costume sounds interesting, can't wait to see the pictures for it as well, and Soi fon, really? I guess it's better than the legions of Urahara that i've always seen.

    Good luck on your costumes, can't wait to see the final results!

  2. oie! also Seeing Zack's costume, and a female sephiroth sounds epic too.

  3. 3 costumes apiece? Wow, that's going to take a lot of time and effort. I too am looking forward to seeing the Zack costume and the female Sephiroth counterpart.

    I guess Amber and I have to step up a little bit. We're seriously planning on going but too sure what to go as. She's trying the chick from Heavenly Sword and I dunno for me. I have more research to do.

    /jealous @ the Ryu costume