Monday, February 22, 2010


Steampunk is great fun. This is really my first time dabbling in the glorious genre, and I'm having a blast. A BLAST! Just thought I'd post an update with some pictures of my current project - The White Rabbit. He's not just steampunk, he's also automaton. What's more fun than a victorian-influenced-robotic-clockwork-rabbit? Nothing, that's what.

Here's the eyepiece / monacle. I'm totally psyched about it.

More of a frontal view of the eyepiece. I had this image in my head all along, and I'm excited that I was able to get it looking like it looked in my head.

This is my gauntlet. It's sort of hard to move around in, but who said costumes had to be functional? It's pretty cool, I think. Not exactly what I had in my head, but I did the best with the pieces I had available to me, and I think it's nice for what it is :)

Everything on! I'm almost done really, the entire top half of the costume can be considered finished at this point. All I have left is the finishing touches on the bottom half, and a prop-staff.

Here's a few pictures of some accessories, and just a few shots I took during the making that I thought were pretty....

Big Pile O' Steampunk

Inside a beautiful old pocketwatch. A little rusted, but the gears were nice :)

An alarm clock I took apart that had magnificent gears.

And a pocketwatch I modified with some wings and gears :)

Hopefully next time I post anything cosplay related, this costume will be finished, and I'll have some pictures to share!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alice in Deviantartland?

I've been busy working on my steampunk white rabbit cosplay. I'm reading Alice's adventures in Wonderland through for ideas. I'm also, of course, scouring the internet for inspiration. Just wanted to post some of my favorite art and cosplay pictures that I've found which have served as a fount of good steampunk ideas.

Here is one cosplay group that have the best pictures I've seen of the Alice-meets-steampunk genre. I love these people!

Cvy as the White Rabbit

BanditYing as Alice

Dan the Farmer as Spade

The rest of these awesome pictures can be found here

Next is some artwork that I really liked. Some of this stuff gave me inspiration, others I just thought were nice enough to post :)

Red Queen Steampunk by nghtmre01

Cheshire Steampunk by nghtmre01

Down the Rabbit Hole by Somefield

Cheshire Cat by Somefield

Steampunk Hatter by Spookychild

Alice:: Tea Salon by Opportune

Alice in Steampunkland by *strayedclimaca

(Click the link and fullview for transparency)
If you knew time as well as I.. by minicow

I shall be Late by Violatekate

Mad Hatter's Zepplin + Value by JadePrince

That's all for today. When I get more done on my own costume I'll be posting pics :) I have a ways to go, and actually I should probably get up right now and get to work!