Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cosplay Picnic - June 2010

The new cosplay group Jedigami (based in Birmingham, AL) held their first cosplay picnic this month! It was a great time, very successful I think. There was a nice costume assortment of school girls, Jedi, Shinigami, and Akatsuki among others.

First we dropped into the local Botanical Gardens for our picnic.

But, Completely unaware that apparently you are NOT allowed to have a picnic at the Gardens, we got kicked out by a loud, screaming old man with no teeth and a beer belly. He followed us "children" (as he so kindly dubbed us) outside with his little golf cart. Because "If yew CHEELDREN would pay attinchin, you'd know you cain't HAVE a PICKNICK at the GARDENS!" That's Alabama for ya...

But we weren't phased! We just regrouped and took a trip down the street to Vulcan park, where you CAN have picnics in peace.

We had some delicious goodies, while making some new friends and chatting it up.

And then we went about taking some great photos!

I spur-of-the-moment inspired myself to make a Videl Satan cosplay. The rest of my pics can be found at Flickr.

Here are some more pics of everyone else's lovely outfits :)

We'll probably be doing an event every month or so, which I am very excited about. Any excuse to get into a costume right? Looking forward to seeing how this group grows!

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