Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cosplay Spotlight - Videros

Lately I've noticed the rising trend of crossplay. Girls dressing as guy characters, most likely because they like the character and want the chance to be them. However, I think there is another reason for this recent uprising of cross-dressing chicks. ..

Because there are just not enough good guy cosplayers.

We get Skinny-boy Sephiroths with squared off shoulder armor, Alucards with stringy halloween store wigs, and Orochimarus with melted makeup. Let's face it, most cosplaying dudes don't know how to match their bodies to their characters. Or how to buy a great wig, or how to even pose for pictures without looking like a moron.

However, Videros has completely raised the bar. He has proven that there are good-looking men out there willing to put on a costume and be full of win. So much win.


A perfect example of what an Alucard cosplay SHOULD BE. Check this next one out:

BAM! Perfect Sephiroth. Effortless.

What's that I see? A rather magnificent Orochimaru.

Another photo that is full of WIN. Spike would be proud!

That's it for today's cosplay spotlight. Remember guys, don't be a fail cosplayer. There are guys like this who are going to beat you every time.

Now do yourself a favor and go add this guy to your Deviantwatch. You won't regret it.


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