Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jedigami Group Meetup -July

Recently attended the Jedigami group's latest meetup. This time we all gathered our costumes and took a trip to the Galleria! We met up at the food court and then migrated our way down to the Koko bubble tea stand and arcade area. Everyone looked great. We had a Dante, Jedi, Wa Lolita, and Ninja among others. This time we made sure not to break any rules (see previous post! lol) and we had a lot of fun. Although I had to leave early for a previous engagement, I still enjoyed the event and made a few new friends. Also, got myself some peach bubble tea, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I was told by my fellow Jedigami that after the Galleria, they all took a trip over to the Rave movie theater to continue the meetup there.

Here are a few pics we took!

My costume of choice for the day was Umbreon - which was super easy and fun to make :)

Also, I'd like to welcome our newest Jedigami member to the group! We'll have him in cosplay soon ;p