Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scouring Etsy...

I love handmade items. When I'm not making my own things, I really like to check out what some of the great artists of the internet have done. Sometimes a good handmade item is light years ahead of the things you see in catalogs or big company websites. Because I love scouring Etsy for amazing finds, I decided to post some of the cosplay and steampunk items that have really grabbed my attention.

Steampunk Glasses

These things are just superb. They are rather simple, but well made and gorgeous looking. I adore the clean look of these glasses.

Skeleton Cameo

Amazing! I love this cameo, it's just beautiful. It's such a creative and clever idea, this is definitely something I plan on purchasing at some point.

Sea Salt Soap Pops

Straight from Kingdom Hearts! This is so adorable if you ask me. It's one of those props you may not even think about, but it's really cute. I love the fact that it's soap, so besides being cute for pics, it's actually useful :)

Kanzashi Barrettes

I love kanzashi. I haven't actually gotten into making my own yet, but I definitely plan on it. These are so gorgeous, and etsy is full of them.

Appa the Flying Bison Hat

This idea is so darn cute, I am jealous I didn't think of it first. I would so wear this.

Sailor Moon Crescent Moon Wand

This thing gives me serious childhood flashbacks. I remember back when I had a moon wand from Toys R Us. This one looks just like it, props to this seller for the great likeness. This just makes me happy. XD

Dragonball Earrings

This is just win. I want Dragonball Earrings.

Steampunk Underbust Corset

This funky steampunk corset is totally cool. I love the way this is made! It's definitely one of my favorite corsets I've seen.

Although there are at least a thousand more things on Etsy that I love, no need to bog down one post with all of them. I'm sure to do another post like this later on XD

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