Friday, September 3, 2010

DBZ WINS of Epic Proportions.

So, our next meetup is this month, and I am planning on doing the other version of Videl Satan (the one with the pigtails) and I am going to make a Gohan outfit for my husband. I am nearly finished with my costume (because let's face it, Videl doesn't ever wear anything complicated!) and have all the pieces to get started on Gohan soon. xD

For Videl I got a white T-shirt at Walmart for 5 bucks, and some tight black shorts at the thrift store for $1. I glued a blank CD on a flat brooch, and plan on using it as the base for my school badge. I'm going to make the badge from felt and glue it right onto the CD Brooch I made. (pics to come!) For the boots, I am going to find some flat boots at the Thrift Store next week so I can glue some boot covers onto it (I found green felt that is the PERFECT color for this!) For Gohan, I am doing a bit of clothing surgery on some dark blue doctor's scrubs (Thrift store, $3 a piece) Gonna open up the chest and hem it in, add a belt/sash and make some arm and leg warmers all out of spare fabric.

I LOVE budget cosplay! This is an example of a costume that is SO much cheaper homemade. on Google Shopping, I found a Videl costume for upwards of $50, and Gohan for $60. Mine will only cost me just over $10 for Videl, and under $10 for Gohan o.0

Because I am always excited about Dragonball Z Costumes (also, I was watching DBZ Kai just earlier today) and I am in a super Dragonball mood, I decided to dig through's finest DBZ costumes. Here are the pics of my favorite cosplayers, with links back to their pages so you can go tell them just how great they look!


and PROPS to this guy for mad bravery:

Here's a thought! A female version of Vegeta - I've always wanted to do this, but didn't know if it would work. This lady really proved that it can be done, and can look super cute.



No wig fail?

No costume at all fail...

Skinny dude Fail...

Quantum Destiny always has the best DBZ Costumes, so I saved her for last. Here are some of the Gems she's worn. These things are perfection.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Dragonball Z goodness! Now, off to work on boot covers for my own DBZ creations!