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Cosplay Review 2010

It's the beginning of a new year! 2010 was FILLED with cosplay for me. It was probably my busiest costume year to date. Due to work, I was only able to attend a few cons, but I still stayed super busy with crafting and sewing. I owe this increase in craft to the formation of our cosplay group, Jedigami. Ever since the group began, I've made it my personal goal to wear something different to each meetup, even if I was only to attend the meetup for a few hours. It keeps me busy, on task, and I enjoy the challenge of getting new costumes together in short periods of time.

This post is basically a review of cos-crap I've done all year. Pics of my finished work, and some of my faves I've taken of other's outfits and our group cosplays at cons and meetups.

Probably the first photoshoot I did in'10 was the kimono shoot I did with my two japanese-enthusiast friends, Sheridan and Vicki. I only own a few kimono and obi selections at the moment, so Vicki graciously ( or somewhat graciously) lent her kitsuke services and obi selection to us for the shoot.

Vicki stops to smell the flowers. Or at least pose with them.

Sheridan with fan in hand. And that fan was used generously througout the day, because it was HOT.

Basically anime and steampunk cosplay all started with May (Imagicon). I started cos-work for Imagicon in January, and STILL found myself stressing at the last minute to finish the costumes in time.

The first huge project of the year was the steampunk white rabbit, Mostly made for the Imagicon promo at the Alice in Wonderland premier, but used again at the actual con. This group was a huge hit, which was great, since it was my first steampunk endeavor ever.

Sheridan as Alice, Vicki as the hatter, and myself as the rabbit,

Who says Boba Fett can't be in Wonderland?

Another group endeavor we tried out was Fullmetal Alchemist. I have to say, this group turned out pretty well. Although my dress was supremely hard to walk in, the costume I made for my husband as Greed remains my favorite of his costumes to date. I feel like he was pretty much a dead ringer for Greed.

Sheridan, Vicki, Myself, Sasuke, and Gavin don our FMA attire.

Pretty much the only picture I actually liked of myself in this costume xD

Probably the best cosplay picture of my husband of all time.

Now onto the most uncomfortable costume ever made in existence of all time EVAR. Sephiroth.

I love the way it turned out, but mess was hard to make and even more difficult to wear. It was at least over 9000 degress in this outfit, and the wing kept wanting to fall down, thus forcing us to create a strange tie off system to keep it pointed up. The shoulder armor was incredibly hard to move my arms in, and I can't count the amount of times I smacked them into things. However, the big pick-me-up of this mini photoshoot was the fact that my husband's costume was pretty epic. I worked my butt off on making his buster sword and it photographed like a charm.

Pics taken before we gave up for fear of heat stroke...

Steampunk was HUGE at Imagicon in 2010. Luckily I found a magnificent dress and jacket just before the con, so I began work on my Vampire/Huntress Adella Stride.

We also did some Kimono stuff throughout the weekend, because let's face it, it was the coolest thing we could wear that wasn't a bikini. Need I remind you, it was HOT.

Sheridan sports the blue

Vicki in a lovely brown ensemble.

And myself in my white kimono, the thinnest one I own, mind you.

After Imagicon, we all started having cosplay withdrawals. So thank GOD our fearless leader Wes decided to form a cosplay group, bound for meetups every month. Dare I say, this is possibly one of the best things to ever happen to Birmingham's cosplay community.

In somewhat chronolocial order, or as much so as my memory serves me.

Videl Satan. Because I was just watching DBZ for the first time, and I fippin' love this character. I decided two days beforehand that this was who I wanted to be at the first meetup, so I threw this together.

Meetup number 2 - Sheridan in a super cute wa-loli and myself as Umbreon Gijinka.

Sukoshi-con was our third meetup *I think....* It was Sukoshi-con's first Birmingham 1 day con, and it was so much fun.

Myself in Wa-loli

Orihime Liz and Wa-Loli Sheridan

Dante Wes...

And Loli-Gijinka-Umbreon Sam

September meetup was swimming at Oak Mtn!

I went as Videl Satan.

Sasuke and Gavin duke it out as Gohan and Naruto

Liz sneaks around in her awesome Darth Lydia outfit

October was the Botanical Gardens cosplay photoshoot, and also our 5th meetup at Jeff State Park. Sheridan and I decided on Bleach Characters (Nemu and Momo) and met up with a few other Bleach fans while taking our pics.

More friends in cosplay -

Nicole and Melanie - Happy Kagura and Disgruntled Kyo

KJ in an epic Cammy cosplay

Also in October was Halloween (as it usually is...) So I fashioned a Rambo chick costume and a Fork-attack Zombie.

Had to show off Sheridan's awesome Halloween Witch Costume.

November was Sukoshi-con's Huntsville con. It was a lot of fun, as per usual, and we were able to take photos in front of the space and rocket center, which rocked hard.

Melissa Mao, from Full metal Panic


Pretty picture of Luna / Liz in the fall leaves.

And we can't forget about the Harry Potter movie premier...

So Bellatrix made her way out of the costume closet.

And our Thanksgiving meetup at Ryan's.

Closet cosplay Knives Chau.

December was SO BUSY. Thanks to Christmas, it was a pretty stressful month, but I got through it and still turned out two costumes. We had our Jedigami Christmas party at my house this year, which was such a great time. I definitely want to make it an anual event.

Cait Sith steals sushi...

The party featured a mini costume contest - and the winners were Pikachu and Naruto (complete with tails)

Honorable mention to the super cute Christmas girls xD

Last but not least, To close out the year with a bang, Myself and 4 friends made a formal Sailor Moon troupe (complete with Moonlight Knight!)

Liz as Jupiter, Sam as Saturn, Seth as Moonlight Knight, Myself as Pluto, and Formal Venus

Sorry for the crazy image heavy post this time. On second thought, I'm not really that sorry.

2010 was filled with cosplay fun and cosplay fails. Here's to hoping '11 is the best costume year yet :D

Plans for 2011?

Lady from DMC
Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann
Anya from Code Geass
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
Eruka Frog from Soul Eater
Tifa from FFVII

and whatever else I feel like throwing together. Can't wait to get started!

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