Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sukoshicon January

Our January Meetup at Sukoshicon Birmingham was a BLAST!

The morning started out with a few fun panels and mini photoshoots with a few members. Everyone else spread out to the game rooms and vendor's areas.

Excerpts from our mini shoots!

One of the most notable panels of the day was done by one of our members, Yoko. It was a photography and modeling panel with special photographer guest Michael Smith from Emerald Coast Models. After the panel, there was a photoshoot outside with Michael and with Shawn Hunt (additional photographer) Even though IT WAS COLD Just about everyone with a good cosplay showed up for the pics. Here's the album on facebook.

Also, the contest was filled with Jedigami members! Sloth and Greed (Myself and Sasuke) both won an award, as well as Seth (the glove master) for his Gene (Outlaw Star) Cosplay.

Another incredibly fun panel was the "Iron Cosplay" panel. (Another one by Yoko) The competitors were instructed to construct an outfit from scrap fabric, hot glue, safety pins, belts, etc. They had to include the "secret ingredient", fit the theme of "Super hero", and be done in 30 minutes. Here's what my group (Myself, Emily, Liz and Michelle)came up with (and landed a total victory!)

Abmiki Sukoshi - Defender of Love and Justice with super awesome, heart changing, lightning powers!

Of course we can't forget about the rave at the end of the night, during which everyone danced their cares away in a mass of blurriness and lights xD

Needless to say, Sukoshicon was yet again a success, which marks another awesome meetup for the Jedigami. Our next meetup is going to be held at Kami-Con in Tuscaloosa - a super fun FREE con. Everyone loves free :)

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